Coffee Crafted
Roasted In-House

Smell that? It doesn't get better than freshly roasted coffee. And if you don't have time to stop by, grab one of our bags or refillable cans to keep the flavor going at home.

The Mission

"At Salvation Coffee Company, we blend passion and craftsmanship to serve more than just coffee—we serve a sense of purpose. As a veteran-owned establishment established in 2018, we are committed to excellence in both our coffee and our community. Our mission is to honor the dedication of our armed forces by delivering exceptional coffee experiences while fostering a supportive environment for veterans and their families. Through every cup we brew and every bean we roast, we strive to inspire connection, gratitude, and empowerment. Join us in our journey to savor great coffee and make a meaningful impact—one sip at a time."


Coffee Crafted
We Roast. We Grind. We Brew.

3321 S. CHURCH ST. 

Monday - Saturday
6:00am - 6:00pm
8:00am - 3:00pm

USA:  336-693-4199


We filter coffee, not people.

Salvation Coffee Company has served Veteran crafted coffee since 2018. We are an independent coffee shop and small batch coffee roaster serving artisan Hot & Cold beverages and locally made baked goods. The best locally owned coffee shop in the area, come and give us a try!


Coffee is consistently delicious and the service is great. I love that they advertise what’s going on the community and always make a point to support veterans. Merch is also on point! If you’re a regular, be sure to download their rewards app to earn free goodies. Happy see this shop doing so well and always look forward to coming back. 10/10

Great service with a smile. Such a smooth frappe. Lattes are also amazing.
Great coffee for a good price. Veteran owned.

Man this place has got it going on! I frequent a lot of coffee shops in the area and I personally found this one to be top notch! When you walk through the door the atmosphere is just calm and relaxing, the staff is amazing! The rewards program they have is pretty nifty too! Anyone that goes here HAS to try an iced Salty Dog with whipped cream on top!

I am in LOVE with this coffee shop! The vibes are amazing, the coffee tastes fabulous, the menu has so many options and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Let’s just say that I love the coffee shop so much that I’m trying to find one similar where I live. When I am back in town, I will be coming almost every day for sure! 😍

Very interesting atmosphere, great coffee and tea! Great stop on the drive from Raleigh to Greensboro, and fast!